Gluten-Free Pizza Bases

Frozen, easy to use and no wastage.

We manufacture gluten-free pizza bases to our own recipe to meet the growing demand for a wheat-free option.  Made with quality ingredients for a great taste and appearance.  These bases are reliable and easy to use.  Individually sealed to prevent cross contamination, these bases are certified by the Coeliac Society.


Gluten-Free Pastry Cases

Available in 2016 - frozen, easy to use and no wastage.

These quality gluten-free shortcrust pastry cases will soon be available in both sweet and savoury options. We make them in our gluten-free facility with premium ingredients.  All you need to do is add your own choice of filling. 


 Why gluten-free is increasingly popular

Gluten is Latin for glue and is a substance that is present in many cereal grains especially wheat where it is responsible for the elasticity of the dough.  It is also found in barley and rye.  Coeliac disease is a condition where the body’s immune system, triggered by gluten, attacks its own tissues.  Some people have a less serious wheat intolerance or allergy which can cause discomfort, nausea or a bloated feeling. Others choose to avoid foods containing gluten for dietary or lifestyle reasons.


 Our gluten-free products

People are increasingly asking for gluten-free products and we have developed a gluten-free part-baked frozen pizza base in response to this demand. Our pre-packed bases are made with quality ingredients, making delicious and attractive pizzas.  We also offer sweet and savoury gluten-free pastry cases for you to personalise with your own fillings.


Why you can rely on our gluten-free products

Our Gluten free products are certified by the Coeliac Society: CUK-M-155 (less than 20 parts per million). We make all the products in-house with high quality ingredients before freezing and wrapping individually to minimise risks of cross contamination.