We import our olives directly from Greece and Spain and then carefully process and marinate them.

We select different varieties and create our own special olive medleys.  Just as grapes are blended to make a wine, we combine interesting and characterful olives and herbs into formulations that we can offer throughout the year.


Green Olives

We can source a wide selection of green olives from Spain and Greece – pitted, whole or sliced.


Black Olives

We can source a selection of Spanish or Greek pitted olives as well as whole or sliced olives.


Olive Medley

We introduced our Millennium pitted olive medley in 2002 and it has remained a popular choice ever since.  The majority of Greek olives we use are handpicked and naturally cured in the traditional manner of using salt, which the Greeks have used for over a thousand years. The medley includes green pitted Halidiki olives, black pitted Cuquillo olives, black pitted Amphissa olives, garlic, olive oil and red and yellow peppers from Italy.