Pizza Dough Balls

Premium quality frozen dough balls made from natural ingredients.

Easy to use, reliable quality and consistent results.  A perfect pizza every time.


What makes our pizza dough balls special?

We pride ourselves on making pizza dough using the finest ingredients.  Our frozen pizza dough balls are made from premium quality dough that is easy to use and produces consistent results.  Our customers tell us that our dough “works well for them” that’s why they stay with us.  Many chefs who have used our dough balls come back to us when they start their own restaurants, they know they can rely on us for quality and service.


How we make them

The key to good pizza dough is in the timing of mixing the ingredients, dividing and rounding thus ensuring we capture the quality of fresh yeast and olive oil and the product is then frozen. Over the last 20 years we have perfected a selection of recipes so we can deliver the right variety dough for your restaurant. We use the finest ingredients so the taste and texture is perfect every time. We combine premium quality flour, fresh yeast and pure olive oil in the traditional way that ensures product consistency that you can rely on.


Our range of Pizza Dough Balls

Our varieties of frozen pizza dough are wide and varied and include sourdough style, wood burning as well as special recipes such as wholegrain and honey.  We offer dough balls from 150g – 260g  to produce pizzas from 7″- 14”.   Tell us about your pizza oven and how your chef prefers the dough and we will recommend the right recipe for you.