Sourdough Pizza

The use of sourdough dates back centuries to traditional baking methods involving developing a yeast culture to prove the dough over 24 hours.

Its growing popularity in the United States has triggered the increasing demand in the UK.  Whilst some producers will add a concentrate, we have developed our own in-house sourdough culture and fermenting process to ensure our customers are offered a unique product.


The Sourdough Culture

The traditional production of bread over the centuries involved a sourdough “culture” made from flour and water inhabited by wild yeasts and bacteria which ferment and flavour the dough.  In the 20th Century this natural process was overtaken by a wish to make bread quickly and more cheaply. However, we are now seeing a growing demand to return to the more natural, artisan process of dough production.  Following our move to new premises we now have the facility to develop our own in-house sourdough culture which will be available in 2016.


The Taste Difference

By adding a small portion of our in-house sourdough culture to the other ingredients we can produce a pizza dough that has an appetising aroma and a light acidic flavour characteristic of the sourdough family.